Our Story

Leading the Israeli buildings and infrastructure industry since 1969

Epstein Project Management is a leading provider of buildings and infrastructure project management services in Israel. For over five decades, Epstein’s end-to-end (E2E) project management services have supported the successful implementation of major initiatives and some of the most important and complex megaprojects ever implemented in the country.   

Epstein was founded in 1969 as the Israeli branch of the A. Epstein & Sons engineering company which was established in 1921 in Chicago. In 1985, Dr. Yoav Sarne joined the company and established it as an engineering project management company, and it has since made great advances. Today, the company is a major player in the Israeli buildings and infrastructure industry and is having a powerful impact in the market.

Vast experience and knowledge

Over the years, we have managed hundreds of projects in Israel and abroad for private and public clients, such as entrepreneurs, government ministries, municipal authorities, and major government and commercial companies.

Our four regional branches situated across the country provide our clients with full and comprehensive project management solutions, from pre-planning and design stages to execution and delivery.

We have gained unique experience in managing a diverse range of infrastructure and building projects as well as a wealth of knowledge that serves our customers; this know-how is accessible to Epstein employees through our unique smart knowledge management system, developed in-house.  

Human capital—the key to success

At Epstein, we understand that our talented and dedicated team is the cornerstone of our success, stability, and growth over the years, and the beating heart of the company.  

We employ about 300 workers, including project managers as well as civil engineering, electro-mechanic, industry and management experts. Our first-rate professionals bring their profound knowledge, managerial creativity, excellence, and high service quality standards to each and every one of our projects.

We are proud to do our part in improving the reputation, resilience and sustainability of the building and infrastructure industry in Israel, and we promise to continue to provide  top-quality, professional, round-the-clock  services to our clients in the years to come.

Our Management Team

Dr. Yoav Sarne, Founder

Yoav founded Epstein in 1985 as a project management company, and he served as the company’s CEO, Chairman, and Project Manager. Prior to joining Epstein, Yoav served as a Plant Engineer for Israel Aircraft Industries after studying and working in the field of design and management Israel (Technion) and in the USA (MIT).

Eddy Koren, Chairman

Eddy joined Epstein in 2007 as CEO, and he currently serves as the company's Chairman. He is a graduate of the Technion in civil engineering, and earned his business administration qualification at Tel Aviv University. Before joining Epstein, Eddy served as CEO of Ytong where he worked for 17 years.

Yossi Hillel, Vice Chairman, CFO

Yossi joined Epstein in 1993 as FCO and became a partner in 2001. co He is currently the Vice Chairman and CFO.

Yossi Halevy, Joint CO-CEO - Infrastructure

Yossi joined Epstein in 2019 as VP of Engineering and Development in the infrastructure department. He currently serves as joint CO-CEO, leading all of the company’s infrastructure projects. Yossi graduated from the Technion in 2005 with a degree in civil engineering and previously served as VP of Engineering and Development at Netieu Israel.

Moshe Zelikov,
CO-CEO - Buildings

Moshe joined Epstein in 2009 as VP and manager of the company's southern region. He is currently serving as CO-CEO, leading all of the company’s buildings projects. Moshe, a Lt. Col. in the IDF and a civil engineer, graduated from the Technion in 1989 and earned his business administration qualification. He served in a variety of key positions in the IDF, including as project head in the fields of construction and infrastructure.

Epstein milestones


Establishment of Epstein Israel as a branch of A. Epstein & Sons International. 


Epstein Israel begins to provide project management services in addition to comprehensive design services.


Epstein decides to focus exclusively on project management.


Epstein Israel acquires its share of Epstein International and becomes company owned by its top managers.


ONE Technologies acquires 51% of the company.


ONE Technologies acquires 49% of the company. Eddy Koren is appointed Chairman, Yossi Hillel is appointed Vice Chairman and CFO. Moshe Zelikov and Joseph Halevi are appointed CO-CEOs. Dr. Yoav Sarne continues to manage projects.