Functional planning

Our design brief takes into account all functional aspects, with the purpose of conceiving a plan that meets the project’s exact needs and specifications and reflects the client’s policies.

A design brief is first and foremost a policy statement expressing the entrepreneur’s need; it is also a basic planning tool. The design brief, prepared in the preliminary stages of the project, has a significant impact on the planning and implementation phases of the project later on. 

A properly planned design brief lays the foundation for successful collaboration between the project planners and professional consultants that support them, and promotes synergy, while enhancing efficiency and flexibly.

Among our end-to-end project management services, we provide  design briefs  and functional plans for buildings relating to all types of infrastructure and construction projects. This service is provided to entrepreneurs by our Design Brief and Functional Plan Division, either as part of our full-service package or as a stand-alone service.  

Design Brief and Functional Plan Division: Main areas of activity