Advance project management using BIM enables efficiency and precision in the planning, execution, and operation of engineering projects and benefits our clients by reducing the time and expense of the process.

Advanced Project Management Using BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an innovative information management system that streamlines the planning, implementation, and management of engineering projects; it shortens project schedules and significantly reduces project implementation and operating costs.

Introduced into use over the last decade, BIM provides a digital and quantitative representation of all aspects of the project. It enables information sharing and a synchronized workflow of all professionals involved in the project, including the entrepreneur as well as management, supervising, planning, construction, and operation teams.  

Many countries around the world have developed standards pertaining to the use of BIM in project management; in the foreseeable future, Israel is expected to adopt these standards too.

Epstein is among the leading companies in Israel that provides professional project management solutions based on BIM.   

Synergy throughout the project life cycle

Managing a project using BIM creates natural, across-the-board synergy at every stage of the project.  
Main advantages include:

  • 3D representation of the virtual space; prefabrication enables all members of the project team to visualize the project.
  • One central cloud-shared model allowing a collaborative workflow; users can also work separately.
  • Collaboration between contractor and planners to improve productivity, and accurate calculation of quantities and estimates in planning and implementation phases.
  • Streamlined logistics during implementation, increased efficiency, reduced costs and project schedules (lean management).
  • Dramatic enhancement of quality assurance and control as well as safety ; new technologies enable better on-site supervision.

Perfect coordination: systems and infrastructure

 BIM allows the full coordination of systems and infrastructures, providing entrepreneurs with a  superior product. BIM also:  

  • Enables review and modeling of the site.
  • Automatically detects clashes between systems and infrastructures.
  • Generates coordinated system plans for execution.
  • Generates cross-sections of any part of the model, automatically updated when changes are made.
  • Performs automatic calculations
  • Integrates AR and VR technologies