Knowledge Base

Expanding and sharing knowledge is the key to a successful project. Each project teaches us something new.  As an integral part of our organizational knowledge management practices, we collect data, conclusions and lessons learned from all stages in the project cycle.

The hundreds of construction and infrastructure projects that we have completed with success are not only a source of  pride; they are also an important foundation for the expansion of know-how and expertise.  We believe that collecting these shared insights and lessons learned from each project along the way and making them accessible to our employees across the board is the key to our success.

For this purpose, we have developed a smart information management system that enables us to preserve this wealth of organizational knowledge.

One system contains all our knowledge

Our knowledge management system is a comprehensive digital database that includes countless industry insights, test cases and articles focusing on solutions to engineering and project management challenges, among other topics.

Information is mapped and cataloged so that employees can retrieve it for their immediate needs and make decisions based on insights and lessons learned from past, especially complex challenges.  

We believe that the constant expansion and sharing of knowledge ensures optimal performance; therefore, we encourage our employees to regularly  share insights and lessons learned with their peers.